Meet Our Executive

Club Executive

President: Greg Levett
Vice President Education: Wayne Christensen
Vice President Membership: Laura Virkkala

Vice President Public Relations: Roselle O’Brien
Sergeants At Arms: Catriona Lamont

Treasurer: Thijs Hubber
Secretary: Lorenzo Ritani

Immediate Past President: Paddy Turnhout

Greg Levett – Chartered Civil Engineer leading teams of people on various projects in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.


I dipped my toe in the Toastmasters water a few times around the world and finally committed 7 years ago. Initially with Remuera Toastmasters in Auckland and now Queenstown Toastmasters. One of the biggest skills we can learn and never stop learning in life is speaking and listening. The journey is never done and it is amazing to feel like you are making a difference to how you turn up and how others turn up. Ultimately to have fun, meet some great people and learn a few skills along the way.

I joined Toastmasters to improve my ever-developing skill of public speaking on a daily basis in all life situations. Alongside professional pursuits, I have a very active lifestyle as an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, and waterskier. He is also often found practicing the Wim Hoff cold immersion around Queenstown.


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Wayne Christensen – Author

Vice President Education

Wayne joined Toastmasters a long time ago, when he was a young copywriter in an advertising agency and suffered from extreme nerves when presenting creative concepts to clients.Wayne credits what he learned Toastmasters with helping him build one of New Zealand’s most successful advertising agencies. His suggestion to improve your presentation skills: “Don’t wait trying to find the confidence. Just find the courage to have a go.You’ll learn that the more you do, the easier it gets. You’re not stuck where you are, unless you decide to be.” Wayne stays involved, he says, “Because, like the gym, you get no benefit unless you keep going.”

Vice President Membership
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Roselle O’Brien – Change Strategy Specialist

Vice President Public Relations

Roselle joined toastmasters to improve her MC’ing and networking skills. As a confident speaker who loves sharing stories and moving people to feel inspired to action she realised that being confident was only part of what she needed.  

She’s been learning the skills to inspire, education and persuade, channelling her confidence and passion into frameworks and refining her skills.

She is a dynamic professional with over a decade of experience in construction and social services. As a Change Strategy Specialist & Coach, she works with both organisations and individuals to navigate change. She has held senior operational and national roles in both Australia and New Zealand at Downer, an ASX-listed construction firm.

She is passionate about helping individuals find their inner authenticity so they can live lives with a deep seeded satisfaction


Thijs Hubber – Accountant

Thijs joined Toastmasters to get over his fear of public speaking and improve his confidence. 

Sargeant at Arms
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Lorenzo Ritani – Project Manager


I am a construction project manager based in Queenstown and am an avid outdoor enthusiast. I joined to become more comfortable at work delivering verbal information, charring meetings, giving presentations. Ive been with QT toastmasters coming up 2 years. I want to be like Paddy, the current past president, who can commands a room and delivers information to everyone in the room with ease.

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Paddy Turnhout – Personal Trainer & Coach

Immediate Past President

From travelling different parts of the world to tiki touring around New Zealand in a van I have always loved public speaking but never known how to improve. When moving to Queenstown early 2021 I was told about toastmasters and since then I have learnt much more than just how to feel comfortable on stage. With this great community I have made friends, mentors and networked with a variety of different people which I don’t think would have happened otherwise. 8 months in and I can’t wait to be around longer.

We look forward to welcoming you