Club Officer Roles - step up to leadership

Act as club Chief Executive Officer
Schedule/run Executive meetings
Liaise with Area, division and district (Area director visits, etc.)
Drive club success plan
Manage issues between members
Run Annual Business Meeting in May (financial report, setting of membership
fees, election of in-coming Executive)
Follow up with disengaging members
Vice-President Education
Organise meeting rosters
Responsible for quality club meetings incorporating member goals
Signing off on project or award completion in Pathways (Base Camp Manager)
Manage Mentors
Organise contests
Vice-President Membership
Responsible for planning and running membership building programmes with Vice President Public Relations
Answer inquiries
Follow up with visitors
Onboard new members
Keep track of existing membership
Welcome guests
Liaise with Treasurer to ensure new members are signed up with Toastmasters International
Immediate Past President
Sit on Executive committee and provide input and guidance. Chair nominating committee for incoming executive.
Vice-President Public Relations
Promote the club in the community and online. Website, Facebook,, advertising, newsletters, flyers
Work with the Vice President Membership to plan and run membership-building programmes.
Manage club meeting location, including booking and liaising with landlord
Manage club equipment and supplies, including refreshments
Prepare and re-instates the venue – set-up/break-down, outside sign, carpet vacuum
Call the meeting to order and introduce Toastmaster For The Evening
Help organize social events and contests
Manage nametags
Sergeant At Arms
Ensures the physical side of the meeting runs smoothly. If you’re doing the role in an Executive’s Sergeant At Arms’ absence, arrive early, set up chairs, lectern, banner, lights, name badges and other meeting materials including tea, coffee, milk and biscuits.
Check with Club President and Toastmaster for any special requirements.
Meet and greet guests. Make them feel welcome. Invite guests to check-in with their phone and email details. Write a name sticker for them, and introduce them to other members.
At 7.00pm call the meeting to order, welcome everyone and introduce the President.
Prepare, distribute and file meeting minutes
Maintain correspondence and club records
Keep club’s contact list updated
Be familiar with the Toastmasters International constitution
Liaise with the president for club Executive meetings
Prepare budgets
Invoice members
Track and pay expenses
Responsible for all club financial transactions including submitting membership fees to Toastmasters International World Headquarters

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